January 27, 2017

Usotan-nai Gold Panning Park/Japan

In this area at the northern end of Hokkaido, the gold rush occurred around 1900.  “Usotan-nai” is a gold prospecting place where you can dig placer gold in an actual river using Japanese traditional tools "Uriita" and "Katcha".  
There are instructors, gold digging tools and boots are rented for a fee. You can’t use gold pan or sluice in the park.
In 2002, World Gold Panning Championship was held at the shore of “Lake Kutcharo” in Hamatonbetsu Town.  Many photos of the world gold panning championship are decorated in the guest houses at the gold panning park.

Address: Hamatonbetsu-tyo Esashi-gun Hokkaido Japan

[Photos and results at 2002 World Gold Panning Championship- Hamatonbetsu]