February 24, 2017

Oppara Dream Union/Japan

Oppara Dream Union manages camping site and nature experience events near the road station "Pascal Kiyomi".
It is in the mountainous area of the western side from Takayama-city where old Japanese streets remain.
There was a small gold mine nearby. You can experience gold panning in the pool at the Nature Experience Center and you can receive guidance on mineral collection in the river.

The “Hida-takayama Gold Panning Championship” is held once a year.

Address: Oppara Kiyomi-tyo Takayama-city Gifu-ken

Homepage of Oppara Dream Association

Homepage of road station ‘Pasukaru Kiyomi’

Old townscape of Takayama-city
  These are festival cars ’Yatai’ used at the Takayama Festival

Venue for gold panning competition