March 5, 2017

Toi Gold Mine/Japan

Toi Gold Mine was dug by about 1370, the first Golden Age was around 1600, the second Golden Age was around 1900, and closed in 1965. Estimated output amount is 40 t of gold, 400 t of silver.
After that, the inside of the tunnel was opened to the general tourists, and you can experience gold panning in the pool.
Also in 2005, 250 kg of gold bar were exhibited and that was registered in Guinness Book.

The gold panning competition is held once a year. The competition takes place in a classified water tank, competing for the number of gold flakes taken within the time limit.
This has not been adopted in the World Gold Panning Championship.The winner can get 5 g of gold nugget.

Address:Toi Izu-shi Shizuoka-ken Japan

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