July 31, 2018

Gold prospecting in Las Vegas

In Japan, there is a holiday period called Golden Week, where holidays continues for about 10 days in early May.

Many Japanese travel abroad during this period. However, the air ticket becomes expensive.

I have less money but I have lots of free time, so I went to Las Vegas excluding the period. At first I wanted to do a gold prospecting using a metal detector in the desert, but I abandoned the tour because I could not find the guide. I decided to find something related to gold in Las Vegas.

The main targets are the gold nugget exhibited in the Golden Nugget Hotel, neon of the gold digger which is adorned in the Fremont Experience Street and the old gold mine "El Dorado Mine" in the outskirts of Las Vegas.
However, I can’t comment on gambling.

Overall picture of El Dorado Mine

 Exhibition hut of El Dorado Mine

Inside the hut of El Dorado Mine

 The Hand of Faith Nugget :27.2kg

Robin’s Nugget 5.9kg

Gold digger

  Slot Machine:Wild Lepre's Coin

  Pictures of the old days of Las Vegas

  Gold color hotel

I made a new type gold pan “modern Yuriita
Is gold in Las Vegas money or an illusion?